Here’s why the grass is always greener…

July 18, 2012 By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Early this week, as the country’s record drought continued, some Staten Island homeowners were resorting to spray-painting their lawns to preserve their lush, green color, the Daily News reported.

The main proponent of spray-painting lawns, the News said, is a  teacher at Brooklyn’s High School of Sports Management who started his company, Grass is Greener, three years ago.

"Clients have said that normally they would never need anything like this, but no matter how much they water their lawns this summer they keep getting yellow grass," Joe Perazzo, owner of Grass is Greener, told the News.

Spray-painting your lawn has also gained a foothold on the West Coast. Three years ago, the Los Angeles Times ran an article, “Honey, time to spray the lawn,” about entrepreneur David Milligan, who was hired by the town of Perris to spray-paint the front lawns of more than 1,000 foreclosed properties.

But wouldn’t painting the grass kill the lawn? No, for the simple reason that it’s not the same type of paint that you paint your walls with.

Perazzo’s site,, says, “Our Grass Paint is completely safe and non toxic. It does not have any harmful chemicals and is actually beneficial to the lawn.”

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