Teaching the community to stay healthy

June 20, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Finding ways to get the community involved with their health was Preferred Health Partners’ (PHP) main goal when the organization held a spring fair June 9 which featured prizes, food, games, rides and activities.

What looked like all fun and games, turned out to be an outside blood pressure and teeth checking screening area for whoever wanted to get free professional help. The Bedford-Williamsburg Center, one of 11 centers in Brooklyn, located in 233 Nostrand Avenue, invited families to come out to a “great event,” said Preferred Health Partners’ Lata Singh.

About 20 vendors participated in the festival which started at noon, and went until 6 p.m. Nearly 500 residents got the chance to meet qualified physicians while enjoying a day out.

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PHP, according to Singh, partnered with 32 BJ to try to teach people to stay healthy, motivating them to come out and participate in the programs.

Engaging them in the services and opening the doors to these families, is what PHP strives to do. The organization wants people to find out more and stay connected with their physicians.

Singh said that it is essential to teach people to create a good relationship/bond with their doctors, and visit them frequently, instead of receiving emergency care for an illness that could have been spotted early.

“We have to get our community to think about how they treat their health,” she said.

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