Running for injured Marines

June 13, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Manny Jimenez, a Washington D.C. resident, travelled the distance to participate on Sunday June 10 in the second annual Bay Ridge Semper Fi 5K Run, which raises money for injured Marines.

Jimenez lost his arm in Afghanistan and has received abundant support from the Semper Fi fund for the past two years. He, therefore, made sure he was present at the awards ceremony, 4th Ave and 101st, to speak about how this national organization has given him, “The resources to improve the quality of [his] life.”

According to Cathie Gearity, a Bay Ridge resident and the organizer of the event, Jimenez’s injury “has not stopped him,” and he is planning to go back to school.

Gearity, whose brother John Toolan is a commander of the Second Marine Division whowas recently promoted to lieutenant general, said that Toolan and Jimenez were grateful and impressed to see the support from the Bay Ridge community.

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There were more runners this year, a total of 150, as compared to 128 runners last year, said Gearity, and a sum of $6,850 was raised.

The three top finishers in the men’s race were Alejandro Arizo, who came in first, Angel Confessor and Gordon Berk.

For the women’s race, Lisa Fajardo won first place, following Bernice Santiago, and Emily Anderson.

Among the donors was Steve Finn, a retired police sergeant, who donated the tee shirts worn by the runners; Harbor Fitness, which donated two gym memberships; the Dyker Beach Golf Course which donated golf packages as raffle prizes; theClavin Funeral Home which donated $1,000; Foodtown which provided the oranges, bananas, and apples for the race; and, Bagel Boy, which donated bagels for the runners.

Musicwas provided by theWhippoorwills, made up of Paul Cassone, John LePore and Matthew D’Emic.

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