Teachers from local school districts are awarded for their great work

June 4, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Meet the winners of this year’s Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony.

The annual event was hosted on Tuesday May 29 at 4 p.m. at the Fort Hamilton Army Base by State Senator Martin Golden, who recognized the outstanding job that educators from schools throughout District 20, 21, and 22 do.

Golden, who has hosted this event every year since taking office as a State Senator, congratulated the teachers for their hard work. “Thank you for going the extra mile. The teachers in this room are the example for everyone else,” he said.

“Your work continues hours into the night, planning lessons and grading work,” Golden went on. “Many of you participate in after school activities, from helping to plan school plays to participating in sports and other physical activity with the students.”

Each school selected a teacher that was honored, explained John Quaglione. Some of these year’s winners were: Cheryl Boden from P.S. 102, The Bayview School; Loretta Ali from P.S. 104, The Ft. Hamilton School; Laura Giammarino from P.S. 170, The Ralph A. Fabrizio School; Gregory Bernardi from Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School; Mary Grace Alfredo from Fort Hamilton High School; Robin Kovat from Sheepshead Bay High School; Karen Goldberg from I.S. 98, Bay Academy for Arts & Sciences; Cristal Ballow from Edward Shallow, Junior High School 227 and Stacey Gang from P.S. 100 ,The Coney Island School.

Department of Education Chancellor Dennis Walcott was also present helping to honor the “great public servants,” as Golden expressed. The honorees received a State Senate Certificate of Achievement.

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