Escaped bees cause buzz on Bed-Stuy street

May 31, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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BROOKLYN (AP) — They created quite the buzz on a Bed-Stuy street.

A swarm of bees that escaped a parked car caused neighbors to panic on Madison Street Tuesday afternoon.

A few thousand bees covered the vehicle and sidewalk after beekeeper Michael Hegedus left them in his car while teaching a beekeeping course in his backyard.

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Hegedus told The New York Times he got the starter hives for a friend and had planned to take them into Manhattan.

The bees likely got agitated by the sweltering heat and the plastic netting encasing one of the hives. They flew out the car's open windows.

The NYPD and its unofficial beekeeper-in-residence were called. Part of the street was blocked off and the bees were safely vacuumed into a container.

Hegedus was issued two summonses.

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