Ask the D.A.: Veterans

May 23, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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By Charles J. Hynes

Brooklyn District Attorney


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Last week when I delivered the keynote address at Brooklyn Treatment Court Volunteer Mentor Swearing-In Ceremony I highlighted what military veterans are confronted with they return home from service to their country. Unfortunately, many veterans will self-medicate through the misuse of drugs and alcohol. In the past, few understood or took the time to look at the underlying causes of the behavior in veterans who were being charged with crimes. 


I am committed to do whatever is necessary to expand treatment opportunities for veterans who have returned to Brooklyn and have become involved with the criminal justice system as offenders or victims through programs sponsored by my office such as DTAP (Drug Treatment Alternative-to-Prison), as well as through partnerships with the court system and community. Veterans and/or members of their families, members of the defense bar, and members of the community are encouraged to contact my office for information about treatment options for offenders and victims.


For further information visit my website at, or forward your e-mail to [email protected].


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