To support acrobatics and dance in Prospect Heights, stand on your hands!

May 16, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Prospect Heights-based LAVA holds its ninth anual Handstand-a-Thon this Sunday, May 20, at 2 p.m.

LAVA artists who develop and perform original works that combine dance, theater and acrobatics — and who teach rigorous, creative and inclusive movement to both children and adults — hope to raise $20,000 to to support their free community activities.

Handstand experts as well as first-timers — anyone who is interested, really  are invited to the studio, at 524 Bergen St., to “log seconds and minutes with their hands on the ground and their feet in the air!”

A photo from last year's Handstand-a-Thon. Photo by Emily LambertEach $125 raised can support one day of the P.S. 9 Pick-Up Program, in which six children are picked up from school and brought to the LAVA studio for a class. Each $235 provides a season-long scholarship. Donations also support tuition subsidies and scholarships for paying students.  Say organizers, “Haven’t done a handstand before? No problem! Handstanders can use the wall, a spotter or several spotters. The total time spent upside down will be tallied and added to a collective handstand pool. The goal for the total time of people with their feet raised is 1 second for every dollar raised, with a goal of $20,000… Whether your handstand is 10 seconds, 45 seconds or even 2 minutes, all of it helps us meet our promise.”   Participating handstanders are encouraged to create personalized fundraising pages at Each person who registers will receive an “I <3 Handstanding” wristband. As fundraisers meet different incentive tiers, they will receive different gifts. You can also become a “Handstand Spotter” by sponsoring a specific challenge, such as giving $500 if LAVA can wrangle 25 people to do 30-second handstands at the same time. Or, you can come up with your own challenge and email it to [email protected] for consideration.  

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For more info, including photos and video footage of the company, as well as of last year’s Handstand-a-Thon, go to

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