OH ORLY: Week of April 19

April 20, 2012 Orly Amor
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I need some advice for my father. He retired a year ago from his job, but now all he does is watch TV. How can I tell him he needs to do more with his time?

Tina W.


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Hi Tina,

You actually might want to find activities that you can do together. Once he sees how much fun certain things are, he might just get the urge to do more and record his favorite shows to watch later.

This might take some time and creativity on your part. First, you might want to find out if there is anything he used to like to do when he was younger or in his single days. We all like to reminisce about the old days. Then find out if some of these activities can be done and where they take place. Then surprise him with one of those activities and get him back to those old feelings.

Let me know how that goes, Tina.

All for the best,


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