Cuomo Announces Projects To Upgrade Coney Island and Sea Gate Beach

April 19, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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$20 Million for Coastal Erosion Project

CONEY ISLAND — Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced a $20 million investment for a NY Works project that will allow for a coastal erosion project at Coney Island and Sea Gate Beach in Brooklyn.

New York state will invest $4.7 million that will leverage $15.3 million from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and New York City, for a total project cost of $20 million.

NY Works is designed to reinvent state economic development with innovative new strategy that will put New Yorkers back to work rebuilding the state’s infrastructure. The task force will help create tens of thousands of jobs by coordinating comprehensive capital plans, overseeing investment in infrastructure projects and accelerating hundreds of critical projects across the state.

“For the second year in a row, New York state has passed a transformative and balanced budget that holds the line on spending, while focusing on job creation and government efficiency,” Cuomo said. “The centerpiece of this budget is the New York Works program, which will help rebuild our aging infrastructure, including our dams and flood-control systems, to protect people and property throughout our state.”

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said, “New York is blessed with hundreds of miles of beaches and waterfront coastline. Coastal erosion not only causes environmental damage, but its long-term effects have the potential to be detrimental to our economy. By taking a proactive approach to preventing coastal erosion, we are also preventing significant economic losses to individuals, businesses and the state’s economy.”

“Coney Island and Sea Gate Beach suffered devastating erosion in 2011,” said Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny (D-Coney Island/Gravesend). “Recognizing the need to preserve this area, $20 million will be used to protect against further damage. We listened to the people who elected us, and we hope this investment safeguards them from future devastation.”

NY Works Task Force

The NY Works Task Force will coordinate capital plans across 45 agencies and authorities, oversee investment in projects and access to funding, and facilitate the creation of tens of thousands of jobs.

Prior to the NY Works initiative, there was no comprehensive state plan for the $16 billion in annual capital expenditures by 45 state agencies and authorities. In some cases, including projects by the Port Authority, the MTA and the Department of Transportation, billions of dollars of taxpayer or commuter funds are being used to fund transportation plans in the same region, with no coordination between the agencies.

For the first time, the NY Works Task Force will develop a coordinated capital infrastructure plan among agencies and authorities. the task force, made up of leaders in finance, labor, planning and transportation will also recommend financing options for projects and methods to accelerate construction of critical infrastructure.

The NY Works Task Force will consist of 14 members. Nine of the members will be appointed by the governor and six by the Legislature. All major state agencies and authorities will participate in an implementation council to coordinate capital planning.

All NY Works projects will be posted on the web with real-time updates so that New Yorkers can track the progress of projects in their community.

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