National Grid Funds Exhibit On Sustainability At Navy Yard

April 18, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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BROOKLYN NAVY YARD — Kicking off a series of Earth Day-related activities, National Grid yesterday announced a grant of $225,000 to the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s “Sustainability Story” exhibit at BLDG 92 (the Navy Yard’s Building 92, used as a museum space).

National Grid will serve as the presenting sponsor of the exhibit that highlights the Navy Yard’s story as a national leader in adaptive reuse, recycling, sustainability and green manufacturing.

“National Grid and its predecessors have served Brooklyn for more than a century and we are committed to the Brooklyn communities and customers we serve. The company and its employees are delighted to partner with the Brooklyn Navy Yard to promote energy efficiency and inspire local job growth,” said Ken Daly, president of National Grid, New York.

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“We appreciate National Grid’s generous grant of $225,000 to support the ‘Sustainability Story’ exhibit, which seeks to educate students and adults about green-building practices and growth of green manufacturing at the Brooklyn Navy Yard,” said Andrew Kimball, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation.

“Kudos to National Grid for this grant to the ‘Sustainability Story’ exhibit at the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Building 92, which not only preserves the legacy of the Navy Yard at its visitors center — which has become a tourist destination in its own right — but shows visitors how green manufacturing and sustainable practices will carry the Navy Yard into its bright future,” said Borough President Marty Markowitz.

The “Sustainability Story” exhibit illustrates Navy Yard’s mission to reduce its carbon footprint and become a destination for green manufacturing. The exhibit highlights BLDG 92’s renovation and the construction of its modern extension, and includes a history of the building and a detailed diagram of the current facility.

The exhibit also features the culmination of the “Sustainability Scavenger Hunt,” a game that young visitors and students play while touring BLDG 92 to learn about the building’s green design elements through interactive barcode scanners hidden throughout the building.

BLDG 92 tells the Yard’s story, from the time it was launched in 1801 as a U.S. Navy shipyard to its rebirth as an industrial center 165 years later.  BLDG 92 also highlights the Yard’s rebirth as a national model for urban industrial job creation.

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