Ask the DA: Phony Job Offers

April 13, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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By Charles J. Hynes
Brooklyn District Attorney

I have been laid off for several months now and am interested in pursuing an online advertisement that was sent to me for at-home work. One of my friends advised me to be skeptical as an unsolicited promise of a job should be treated with great caution. Should I be concerned about proceeding?

Your friend’s cautionary approach is very well placed. There are phony employment schemes being perpetrated where the goal is to steal the applicant’s identity. Applicants will be told that before they can proceed they must provide personal information such as social security, credit card and/or checking account numbers. Similarly, the red flag should be seen when a company suggests that they can definitely place you in a job, or if they ask for a fee to be paid.  Some on-line schemes aim to enroll you in a program with monthly charges billed to your credit card.

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