Forty-Eight Workers Sue East New York Supermarket for Wage Violations

March 27, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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EAST NEW YORK — Forty-eight current and former employees are suing an East New York supermarket for failing to pay legally required overtime for years, according to the Daily News.

The workers claim that Farm Country, a supermarket at 2205 Linden Boulevard, denied overtime pay and compensated some employees with unlawfully meager wages, as low as $4.52 an hour over 12-hour days.

Farm Country’s fed-up employees will hold a rally at the supermarket today with Councilman Charles Brown (D-East New York), according to the News.

Twenty-three-year-old Ruben Guardado, a former employee of Farm Country, told the News that he didn’t see a dime of overtime during the four years he worked for the market, whose owner’s name is Dae Woo.

“I knew they were taking advantage of us, but I needed the work to support my family,” he said, as quoted by the News. “Since I suffered while I was working there, I didn’t want others to suffer the same way.”

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