Career Reinvention: From Retail Buyer to Molly Maid Franchisee

March 23, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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KINGS PLAZA — As an example of career reinvention or just plain entrepreneurial spirit, Brooklyn resident Alan Sorin is now the owner of a Molly Maid franchise.

Sorin spent much of his career as a retail buyer for consumer electronics companies like Nobody beats the WIZ, Excel Computer, and Crazy Eddy, coordinating the purchasing of TVs, cameras, video games and more for these well-known companies. But then in 2009, he found himself unemployed and spent a year searching for a job.

As a fluke, he was looking into a residential cleaning service for a family member and realized that his area in Brooklyn — Kings Plaza — could use more residential cleaning options. Now, he’s in the business himself, having opened Molly Maid of Brooklyn just a few months ago.

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“It was a smart move financially,” said Sorin, 61, who noted he was born and raised in Brooklyn and went to James Madison High School.

Molly Maid, one of four service companies under the umbrella of Service Brands International, reportedly cleaned more than 1.4 million homes nationwide last year. Currently, more than 450 Molly Maid units are operating in the United States.

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