OH ORLY: Week of March 22

March 21, 2012 Orly Amor
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Oh Orly,

I just moved to a new building. Everything is great except for my upstairs neighbors. It sounds like they are wearing cement shoes and dropping 14-pound bowling balls. How can I ask them to quiet down without getting into a fight?

Chloe R.

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Ditmas Park

Hi Chloe,

How appropriate that you’re asking me that question. I used to work in property management in my past life and we used to get many similar complaints.

First, I want you to consider that the noise may not be coming just from above. So I would go up, knock at the door and introduce myself as being the downstairs neighbour. Then I would ask, I was wondering if you hear the same noises that I am down there. It sounds like somebody is wearing cement shoes or dropping bowling balls or something. Did you hear the same thing?

Depending on their reaction you will know if it is them or not. Maybe they thought the apartment below was vacant and decided it was okay to make all that noise. Maybe they will just apologize for not paying attention and will make an effort to stop or maybe it is really not them.

Usually when it’s not them, they will invite you in to see how their furniture is set up and how there is no one there to make such noise. That’s how you know and now you can make an inquiry of where it is really coming from. I hope this helps to start. Let me know how it all works out.

All for the best ?


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