Fort Greene Bike Shop Serves Booze, Repairs in Tandem

March 19, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Let down your kickstand and stay a while. A Brooklyn bike shop in Fort Greene will now be serving beer and wine with its bicycle repairs, according to Gothamist.

After meeting a few understandably strict conditions to get insurance, Red Lantern Bicycles has obtained a liquor license and is officially off the wagon, making it the first bike shop in the area that will sell you a grog with your cog.  

Before Red Lantern was allowed to ratchet up its beer-to-ball-bearing ratio, it had to agree to partition its boozing and biking sections, close before 11 p.m., and not offer bike rentals or hire a bouncer, according to Gothamist.

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There are some obvious reasons why an establishment that offers both booze and bicycles might be cause for community alarm, but owner Brian Gluck told Gothamist that Red Lantern is taking measures to discourage drunk biking. The shop is in the process of instituting a key check-in system that will complement the store’s indoor bicycle parking service. If a mechanic or a barkeep determines that a cyclist has had a tipple too many, the shop will be able to hold on to his or her key until the next morning.

Red Lantern offers $3 PBR as well as a selection of beers and wines in the $5-6 range. The bike shop-bar, which will also be a venue for live music, plans to put in a tap that will serve a rotating roster of local brews.

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