Board 10 Plans Food Drive

March 15, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Bay Ridge — Community Board 10 meetings would be stocked with food if a proposal by members of one of its committees is adopted.

The Rev. Khader El-Yateem, chairman of the Committee on Senior Issues, Housing, Health and Welfare, said his committee is recommending that the board hold a food drive at every one of its meetings. The board meets once a month.

“The idea is that we invite every member to bring a food donation to the board meeting that will be given to a local charity,” Pastor El-Yateem said.

The committee will designate a different charity to receive the food donation each month.

“The committee will have a list of food items that we recommend for the members to focus on upon the request of the charity that we will be supporting that month,” Pastor El-Yateem said.

At a recent meeting, committee members discussed the direction in which they believe the committee should be heading.

“The committee spent time in setting the direction of the committee for the future and prioritized issues we would like us to focus on,” Pastor El-Yateem said.

The priorities include finding ways for the community to deal with teenagers using drugs, and planning and hosting a senior fair for elderly residents.

At that same meeting, the committee heard a presentation by leaders of the Healing Center, a Bay Ridge-based program that offers assistance to victims of domestic violence and their children.

“The presentation by the Healing Center was very informative and a great asset to have in our community. They are willing to do workshops and offer educational programs to combat domestic violence,” Pastor El-Yateem said.

The Healing Center sponsored a walk-a-thon against teen dating violence on Feb. 19. Participants marched along Fourth Avenue from Sunset Park to Bay Ridge.

“This activity was to raise awareness about the issue of violence among our young people,” Pastor El-Yateem said.

    — Paula Katinas

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