Norah Jones Releases Little Broken Hearts

March 14, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Norah Jones, nine-time Grammy Award winner and resident of Cobble Hill, will soon release her fifth full-length album, Little Broken Hearts, according to the Cobble Hill Blog.

Produced by Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton), the 12-song set was co-written by Burton and Jones. So says her website:

“Jones drew the inspiration for the album cover from the vintage movie posters that adorn Burton’s Los Angeles studio. ‘Brian has this great collection of Russ Meyer posters in his studio,’ explains Jones, ‘and this particular one, called Mudhoney, was right over the couch where I sat every day. I always was looking at it and thinking ‘that’s so cool I want to look like her!’ I remember staring at the poster the whole time we made the record. It’s a great visual.’”

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Jones first appeared on the world stage with Come Away With Me 10 years ago last month, after which she swept the 2003 Grammy Awards. She has now sold 25 million copies of that album worldwide.

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