Challenging property tax assesments

March 14, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Councilmember David G. Greenfield is urging homeowners who believe their property assessment and resulting property tax bill is incorrect to file a challenge with the city Tax Commission prior to the rapidly-approaching deadline of Monday, March 19 for most residential properties. Homeowners who believe their assessment is incorrect can request corrective action under four claims categories: excessive assessment, misclassification of property type, unequal assessment or unlawful assessment.

“Property taxes have become a major issue for many New York City homeowners and families, so it is important to make sure your home was correctly assessed. I urge all owners of residential properties who believe their assessment is incorrect to take advantage of this opportunity to challenge the city’s valuation. This can result in significant savings at a time when every dollar matters, and my office is available to help with any questions about the process for challenging assessments” said Greenfield.

The March 19th deadline applies to most residential properties of three units or less and most condominiums in buildings of three or fewer floors. In addition to challenging assessments, there are also a number of abatements and exemptions available to many New York City residential property owners. For example, exemptions are available for a property owned by clergy members, disabled homeowners, and crime victims or good Samaritans who suffered a disability.

“The city offers many reductions and abatements that can make the difference for those struggling to pay their property tax bill. Any homeowner who needs assistance in applying for an abatement or challenging their current assessment should contact my office for assistance,” added Greenfield.

The city Tax Commission must receive all property tax assessment challenges by 5 p.m. on Monday, March 19. For details on the available exemptions or the process to challenge assessments, call Greenfield’s district office at (718) 853-2704 or visit the city Tax Commission’s website at and follow the links along sides of page to obtain the necessary forms.

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