Help for people with limited mobility

February 27, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Sometimes a disability can turn the simple act of leaving one’s house into an impossible and dangerous task. Negotiating front steps leaves a person with limited mobility in a vulnerable position by threatening him or her with further injury or worse.

While family members and neighbors may be willing to help, they can often be overburdened by the responsibility inherent in caring for the disabled.

Ramps/Lifts for Better Living has the answer with their tasteful, non-intrusive set of ramps that can be tailored to a home’s contours. George Fehling, president of Ramps, said that he provides clients with a way to enjoy life again.

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It does away with cabin fever, said Fehling, whose company boasts 1,100 customers and 14 years of service. People can go outside and enjoy life again. They can go to the store and do the things that everyone does. It gives them their lives back.

Specializing in ramps and lifts for the physically challenged, Ramps/Lifts for Better Living uses only American-made ramps that are constructed of steel and welded together according to strict standards. And since they are classified as portable and temporary, there is no need for a building permit.

Even though the ramps are temporary, they are bolted together with superior-quality, high-stress bolts. These make the structure either equal to or stronger than any type of commercial ramp construction.

Not every dwelling can be fitted with these ramps because of existing physical or property line conditions. That is why Ramps/Lifts for Better Living offers a free survey and then, if an installation is possible, a no-obligation estimate. Call 718-605-2626 for an appointment.

During this free consultation, Fehling even brings a DVD with a player to show you exactly how his product works.

They also build and install lifts that can assist you in climbing your stairs, getting into your van or even into your pool. No task is too much to ask of Better Living’s products.

All products are designed to be either portable or easily assembled and disassembled for maximum benefit. And all of their products meet Americans with Disabilities Act recommendations.

Visit them at to view and learn more about their large array of ramp and lift options.

Instead of relying on family members or neighbors, make the safer and more convenient choice. If you know someone with a disability, give him or her the chance to regain some personal freedom by choosing Ramps/Lifts for Better Living.

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