Congressman Turner Visits Marine Park Civic Association

February 27, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff

Congressman Bob Turner (R-Southeast Brooklyn/Queens) attended the Marine Park Civic Association meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21, to have an open discussion with local residents about his work in Washington, D.C., and Brooklyn. The meeting took place at I.S. 278 on Stuart Street.

Greg Borruso, president of the Marine Park Civic Association, said, “It was good to see Congressman Turner in person, good to see his honest approach to politics, and we also liked that he was there to answer questions from the community.”

“The Marine Park Civic Association and President Greg Borruso do an outstanding job in working to improve our community, and I was pleased to update them directly on my work in Washington and Brooklyn,” Turner replied.

Turner discussed his role on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the threat posed by Iran. Turner stated, “Iran has done nothing but launch threats against America and our allies. Now they are playing games with the inspection of their nuclear program. We must make it clear that a nuclear Iran is not acceptable through our actions not our words.”

Turner went on to talk about the important role businesses will play in our nation’s economic recovery and the feedback he received while meeting with local Brooklyn business owners at Brennan & Carr. He also spoke about his work with Gateway National Recreational Area Superintendent Linda Canzanelli, to improve community use of the park and to make it more attractive for visitors.

He also talked about how proud he was to have been able to foster a recent agreement between the Army Corps of Engineers and the New York City Parks Department to begin work on the Plumb Beach Storm Risk Reduction Project. Serious erosion has occurred at Plumb Beach that threatens the stability of the Belt Parkway.

“After many years of research and negotiations, an agreement has been reached to restore Plumb Beach and protect the stability of the Belt Parkway,” said Turner. “I am proud to say that within my first six months in office, my team was able to work closely with the Army Corps of Engineers to secure the approvals and funding necessary to move this critical project forward.”