Verrazano-Narrows Toll Plaza Improvement Project

February 25, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 28th a new construction work zone willbe set up along Narrows Road South near the last entrance to theVerrazano-Narrows Bridge, which will result a reconfiguration oftraffic lanes from three to two lanes and the elimination of up toapproximately 20 parking spots.

As part of the $50 million, 45-month Verrazano-Narrows toll plazaimprovement project, contractors will be adding a new retainingwall and abutment for construction of the new Narrows Road Southfly-over ramp to help ease both car and bus traffic onto theBrooklyn-bound upper level of the bridge. The work is also inpreparation for construction of a new lower level connector roadwayin 2014 that will take motorists directly from the Staten IslandExpressway to the bridge’s lower level.

New No Standing/No Parking signs will be installed east of the lastNew York City Transit bus stop along Narrows Road South andstretching about 400-feet to the top of the curve on the Lily Pondexit ramp, and will remain in place until this stage is completedin 2013. Cars that park there beginning Feb. 28th are subject tofines and towing.

We regret the inconvenience to motorists who normally park nearthe bus stop while this stage of the project is underway, saidVerrazano-Narrows Facility Engineer David Riggs. Elimination ofthe parking spots is necessary in order to keep two lanes open andtraffic flowing along Narrows Road South.

Two slightly narrower lanes of traffic will remain open formotorists entering the toll plaza from the Narrows Road Southon-bound ramp and exiting onto Lily Pond Avenue. Currently threelanes of traffic are funneled into two lanes on both of theseramps. The construction work zone, which includes the left handside roadway shoulder, will be separated from traffic by a concretebarrier.

The project was awarded to Restani Construction Corp., of Astoria,Queens in September 2011. Removal of the last three decommissionedBrooklyn-bound toll booths was completed earlier this month. Theentire project is scheduled for completion in 2015.

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