Brooklyn-Based Production Company Has Films Reach Oscar Level Two Years in a Row

January 24, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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BROOKLYN — For the second consecutive year, FilmGym, an independent production company located in the Bushwick section of the borough and headed by husband and wife team Philipp Wolter and Michelle Glick, has produced a short film considered for inclusion on the Academy Award ballot.

This year’s nod went to the critically acclaimed, 28-minute drama The Sea Is All I Know, produced by FilmGym and co-starring 2011 Academy Award winner Melissa Leo and Peter Gerety. Last year, The Bridge, written and directed by Wolter and produced by Glick, and named Best Short Film at the Athens International Film Festival, was also recognized by the Academy.

Since 2004, FilmGym has grown from an arena for actors and filmmakers collaborating on their craft into a production house boasting films that have won awards at local and international festivals. However, there is something else to be said about being considered for an Oscar, an honor of the highest regard in the industry.

“Outside of running the festival circuit, short films have very little opportunity to be seen,” says Glick. “But being acknowledged in this way makes you feel like you’re doing something right. It’s not the reason we do what we do, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it feels good!”

In addition to being the driving forces behind a company hosting an international short-film screening every other month and bi-weekly screenplay readings, NYC transplants Wolter (originally from Berlin) and Glick (from Alabama) have become accomplished actors in their own right after moving to the city. With a shared affinity towards producing dramatic short films portraying beautiful images, the duo plans to include feature films of the like on the FilmGym roster this year.

“The monthly shorts screenings were something we came up with after traveling to film festivals all over the world. We realized there is such a limited opportunity to view these films — many of which blew us away,” says Wolter. “I’m really proud that we’ve not only had the good fortune of making films people respond to, but that we can also provide a way of giving back to our short-film community with the monthly screenings.”  

“FilmGym is about artists supporting artists,” chimed in Glick. “The Oscar….it’s the sprinkles on the icing on the cake!”

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