Sunset groups embraced the season of giving

January 2, 2012 Heather Chin
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The spirit of giving was alive and well this year, with numerousorganizations and individuals throughout Sunset Park buying,collecting and distributing toys to community kids for the holidayseason.

There was Community Board (CB) Seven’s 24th annual Holiday GiftDrive, which collected hundreds of unwrapped new toys and clothesfor children aged from infancy through age 12 who are served bythree area groups: Project Reach Youth, Turning Point and Women’sSurvival Space.

Contributing to this were average community members, includingthe seniors of the United Senior Citizens Center of Sunset Park,each of whom went out and bought another toy, in addition to thosethey were getting for their own grandchildren, for a child they’dnever met.

It’s such a wonderful thing; our seniors love doing it [everyyear], said Grisel Amador, executive director of the United SeniorCitizens Center. It is very important to me that not only thechildren in our community receive gives during the holiday season,but also that our senior members fill that they are contributing totheir happiness.

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This year, with the economy in turmoil, it [was] especiallyimportant that those who can share their blessings [helped spread]the spirit of the season with those who are a little lessfortunate, added CB7 District Manager Jeremy Laufer, who collectedthe toys.

The seniors’ toys will also be donated to the annual Three KingsDay celebration, sponsored by Councilmember Sara González.

There was also the Fourth Annual Christmas Giveaway hosted bythe Asian Community United Society and Health Plus, which sawdozens of volunteers – including one dressed up as Santa Claus -gathering at the Asian Senior Day Care Corp at 18th Avenue and 86thStreet handing out presents to children whose parents are notfinancially able to get gifts themselves.

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