Bay Ridge Fifth Avenue Merchants celebrate their own at holiday bash

December 16, 2011 Helen Klein
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A mom-and-pop store and a bank were in the spotlight as onelocal business group held its annual Yuletide party.

Mike and Christina Neamonitis, of Mike’s Donut Shop, andMarathon Bank and its Vice President Zoe Koutsoupakis received theFifth Avenue Business Improvement District’s yearly tributes tobusinesses that give back to the avenue and the community duringthe celebration, which was held at the Bay Ridge Manor, 576 76thStreet.

Marathon and Koutsoupakis continually contribute to efforts tobetter the avenue and Bay Ridge in general, noted BasilCapetanakis, the BID’s vice president. That support comprises, Notonly financial support but the kind of support that brings peopletogether and promotes what the BID is all about, he stressed.Marathon Bank is willing to help us when we need help.

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Mike’s Donut Shop is a homegrown business that’s always beenthere for the neighborhood, said Jim Clark, the BID president.Clark recalled sending Boy Scouts working on their Eagle projectsover for snacks, letting the owners know he would pick up the tab,on numerous occasions. Somehow, Clark remarked, the bill getslost.

Besides honoring their own, BID members also used the occasionto bring cheer to those in need, holding a toy drive with donationsgiven to the Sisters of Charity who allow parents to choose amongthe playthings for ones that their children would enjoy, then wrapthem up themselves, said Ray Flood, who brings the toys that havebeen collected to the sisters.

It starts right there, the Christmas spirit, he attested.

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