Controversial teacher resigns from Fort Hamilton HS

December 14, 2011 Heather Chin
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Sabrina Milo, the popular Fort Hamilton High School art teacherwho was arrestedAs part of a deal with the city’s Department of Education, whichhad sought to fire her, Milo acknowledged that she usedinappropriate language that caused disruption.

That language was uttered in a teacher’s lounge on March 29and included threats to bring a machine gun to school under atrench coat, stating that she wanted to settle some scores and itwould be Columbine all over again.

Milo and her lawyer, Andrew Stoll, have maintained that she wasn’tthinking and was no threat to anybody. Some students, past andpresent, had stated essentially the same thing, defending the34-year-old in public statements and through a planned protest outside the school that neverhappened in the face of police presence and threats ofsuspension.

If convicted, Milo would have faced up to seven years inprison.

The DOE had previously reassigned Milo in May, 2010, for hitting astudent on the hand with a ruler. Other students had defended herat the time, saying that she was aiming for their classmate’s cellphone. She returned to her position at Fort Hamilton inSeptember.

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