ASK THE DA: Week of December 1

December 1, 2011 Charles J. Hynes
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Due to an increasing number of requests related to theft of cellphones, this week’s column will highlight tips distributed by theNew York City Police Department to avoid becoming a victim of theftof electronic devices.

  • Always be mindful of your surroundings and do not becomedistracted by your electronic device.
  • Keep your electronic devices out of sight.
  • When carrying laptops or tablets, try not use traditionalcarrying bags so that the contents are not as obvious.
  • Avoid using electronic devices on the subway, and if doing sodo, not sit near car doors.
  • Close or silence your cell phone so that the ringer does notbring attention to you in public.
  • Consider using hands-free devices when using your cellphone.
  • Never give your cell phone to a stranger. If the situationappears to be an emergency, offer to place the call.
  • If a stranger asks you for the time, do not remove your cellphone to answer the inquiry.
  • Always report suspicious activity to the police.
  • Use the password lock feature on your electronic device, whichwill stop unauthorized users from changing the settings and gainingaccess to your personal information.
  • Keep a separate record of serial numbers for all of yourelectronic devices.
  • For Apple Products, consider activating the Find my I-Phonefeature.
  • Register your devices with the New York Police Department’sOperation ID Program. Visit your local police precinct to haveyour electronic devices registered and marked with invisiblepersonal information.
  • Immediately report a stolen phone or electronic device to thepolice.

To have future questions or concerns answered please forwardyour inquiries to

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