EDITORIAL: Giving thanks, and more

November 23, 2011 Editorial Staff
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Every year, Brooklynites – like their peers across the country -sit down to Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by family and friends,eager to enjoy a good meal, good times and the cherished company ofthose they love.

For many, it is a sumptuous feast that epitomizes the spirit ofcelebration. Course after course unfold – turkey with all thetrimmings, fresh bread hot from the oven, a panoply of pies – alongwith the anecdotes, the memories of the past and, as childrenscamper about underfoot, the promise of the future.

But, not everyone is so fortunate. For all of us who can revel inthe pleasures of plenty, there are many for whom there is neverenough. Food banks have been busy as the holiday season approaches,and from Borough Hall to Flatlands to Bay Ridge, churches,non-profit organizations and businesses have been distributing thefixings, or feeding turkey dinners, to those in need – a groupwhose numbers have grown with the sustained economicdownturn.

The Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator salute all those who makethe time to help less-fortunate neighbors. Many people in theborough give up large blocks of time to brighten the holiday seasonfor those who are jobless, homeless or ill, and they deserve ourpraise, our support and our thanks.

But, everyone with a little extra time or money can do his or herpart. It’s as simple as making a donation through one of thenumerous area organizations running gift, food and clothingdrives.

Drop a gently used coat off at the local police precinct to bringwarmth to someone who can’t buy a coat for himself; donate anunwrapped toy through the 68th Precinct Community Council/DykerHeights Civic Association that will go to a child whose father ormother is on active duty abroad; or drop off some cans or boxes ofnon-perishable food at The Home Reporter (8723 Third Avenue) forthe food pantry at Reaching Out Community Services, which ishelping some 4,000 needy families put food on their tables not onlyduring the holiday season, but all year long.

The sense of well-being you will get from giving goes way beyondthe sleepy satisfaction derived from a bountiful meal. In itsdeepest sense, it’s what the holiday season is all about.

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