OH ORLY: Week of November 3

November 6, 2011 Orly Amor
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Oh Orly,

I am a business owner now for over 23 years in the same field,and I have a dozen employees that I can’t seem to motivate to dobetter or do more for the company. It seems like the whole team isin a rut and I do fear for the future of the company. Is it becauseof my leadership skills or the lack thereof? Any suggestions?

Yours truly,

Michael C.

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

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Dear Michael,

As a fellow entrepreneur I can definitely relate and it sohappens that I was in a similar situation not too long ago. First,you are a good leader because you would not have made it inbusiness for over 23 years. Having said that, times have changedthe way we think and do business these days.

My suggestion to you is: Look at your day-to-day actions and see ifthey are worth mimicking by your staff. If the answer is yes, thenby all means continue. If the answer is no, then get them all intoa meeting and ask them to write on a piece of paper what they woulddo differently in the company in order to have more success.

Put them in the Owner’s Seat and ask them to come up with threechallenges that they see at the moment, and how they would rectifythose challenges. In order to make them feel safe, tell them not toput their names on the paper and guarantee that you will be theonly one to read the suggestions.

People need to feel that they are not a part of the problem, but apart of the solution. Michael, you will be surprised at what youfind out from this exercise. Good Luck!

All for the Best,



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