Police Beat: ATM crooks nabbed

October 17, 2011 Helen Klein
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Cops think they have the people behind a string of ATMburglaries dating back approximately a year.

Over the weekend, the 68th Precinct detective squad arrestedfour individuals for allegedly burglarizing ATMs, first breakinginto the 99-cent and convenience stores that housed them, when theshops were closed. The burglaries occurred in several precinctscomprising Brooklyn South, including the 68th.

In all, upwards of 50 ATM burglaries have been part of thepattern, said Captain Richard DiBlasio, the commanding officer ofthe 68th Precinct. The weekend’s arrests were part of a continuinginvestigation on the part of the squad, DiBlasio said.

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The suspects have all been charged with burglary, DiBlasio said,praising the detective squad for its great work.

The arrests, he added, are a direct result of everybody workingtogether.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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