Letter to the editor: Keep post office open

August 22, 2011 State Senator Martin Golden
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I am writing to you today in regards to the proposed closures oftwo stations that service my

district, the Ovington Station, located at 6803 Fourth Avenue,and the Brighton Finance Station, located at 3157 Coney IslandAvenue.

As a state senator who has been a proponent of fiscalresponsibility, I understand the need to

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work within your budget and meet new demands with less. Thatbeing said, I believe that removing service from areas that haveboth an increase in population and a large senior population servesneither the people in my community nor your objective.

I believe a more thorough review of the operations of these twostations would encourage you to implement cost savings at otherlevels of your budget.

I respectfully ask that these two stations be removed from anyclosure list.

Martin J. Golden

State Senator

22nd District


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