Police Beat: 62nd Precinct – Week of July 7 to July 13

July 15, 2011 Heather Chin
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Between Thursday, July 7, and Wednesday, July 13, the 62nd Precinctreceived reports of four robberies, one burglary, four felonyassaults, nine grand larcenies and three auto thefts. Compared tolast week, this represents an increase in robberies and grandlarcenies, and a sizable decrease in burglaries. In the last month,this shows a slight uptick in robberies, grand larcenies and autothefts.


A brazen thief who allegedly snatched four purses in four days -all while riding a different bike each time – was arrested onWednesday, July 13, in the act of attempting another robbery,police said.

The unnamed white male targeted women in their 30s, 60s and 70s,who were walking along either Avenue U or 20th Avenue, in the earlyafternoons and evenings of July 8, July 9 and July 11. His pattern,police said, was to ride astride, grab the purse, and pedal away.None of the items were recovered.


The 35-year-old roommate of a 22-year-old man was arrested onWednesday for allegedly hitting the younger man on the back with adust pan, police said.

The attack caused redness, swelling and pain to the victim’s body,but it was the cat feces thrown at him and the apartment on BayParkway and 84th Street that caused him the most alarm andannoyance, as well as damage to the room.

A search of the suspect turned up a crack pipe with residue in hisright pants pocket.


Two men were hit when a gunman walked into Evolution, a nightclubon 62nd Street and 16th Avenue, and began shooting, saidpolice.

The melee took place at 4:05 a.m. on Monday, July 11. A 32-year-oldHispanic male was arrested shortly afterwards. The 48-year-old and19-year-old victims were both hit in their legs, causinglacerations, bleeding and pain.


A 24-year-old man was allegedly attacked by a gang of nine to 10men who called him Junior and proceeded to kick, punch and robhim at around 9 p.m. Sunday night on the corner of West 8th Streetand Avenue U, police said.

After regaining consciousness, the victim went to the cops with hiscomplaint.


Someone allegedly broke into one car in order to steal the sparekeys to another car, parked beside it outside a building on BathAvenue and Bay 41st Street on Friday, July 8, said police.


A female patient told police that someone stole her wallet whileher bag was left unattended at Doshi Diagnostic, at 2215 79thStreet, on Wednesday, July 6.

The woman said that as she finished changing clothes in thebathroom, she spotted an unknown female standing next to her purse.Upon noticing the wallet missing, she decided that she must haveleft it at her office, but when it wasn’t there, she realized thewoman must have taken it. Charges of over $400 in clothing weremade on her credit cards, which have since been cancelled.


A 44-year-old woman accused her 29-year-old boyfriend of stealingtwo of her Blackberry phones as well as a pair of her slippersafter they got in an argument at her apartment on Avenue O, policesaid.

The June 30th theft was reported a week later, after her itemsremained missing.

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