June 24, 2011 Charles J. Hynes
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My son made several mistakes as a young man but is now trying tomake a better life for himself and his family. He was released fromjail several months ago and is working very hard to move forward ina positive direction. One of the areas that he regrets neglectingis his education and dropping out of high school. Do you have anysuggestions to offer?

Several months ago I announced the launch of the CommunityJustice Program, which is a partnership between my office andMedgar Evers College of the City University of New York, which willprovide educational support for the formerly incarcerated and toothers who are at risk of incarceration.

The Community Justice Program will pair the college’s strongacademic programs in social work and related disciplines with myoffice’s re-entry and diversion programs. The program will includean array of initiatives, internships and courses, creatingopportunities for both students and the formerly incarcerated.Medgar Evers students will be afforded internship opportunities inmy office’s re-entry and diversion programs and the Brooklyntreatment courts to assist the formerly incarcerated witheducational and job development resources. They will also provideassistance to crime victims, non-violent offenders and at-riskyouth, including reading and literacy workshops, mentoring programsand GED training.

The Community Justice Program joins ComAlert which helps formerlyincarcerated persons make a successful transition from prison tohome by providing drug and mental health treatment, counseling, GEDtraining, transitional housing and employment. Additionally, GRASP,a collaborative program with the New York State Office of Childrenand Family Services and the Department of Corrections, offers are-entry initiative for high-risk and court-involved girls who aretransitioning from custodial placements and are provided withcomprehensive services including mentoring.

If you would like to learn additional information about theseprograms please call my Neighborhood Office at (718) 250-2555, or acommunity specialist from my Community Relations Bureau at (718)250-2805.

Charles Hynes is the Kings County District Attorney.

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