Bay Ridge Community Council honors those who serve

April 27, 2011 Helen Klein
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A pair of firefighters who rescued a drowning man from the icywaters near the 69th Street Pier in January was among the severallocal heroes honored recently.

Firefighter Eric Bursor and Firefighter Brian Windsor, bothmembers of Ladder Company 109, were the firefighter honorees of theBay Ridge Community Council (BRCC), receiving plaques recognizingtheir achievement during the group’s annual Police and Fire Awardsnight, held this year in the community room at Shore Hill, ShoreRoad and 90th Street.

It was apparent that the selflessness, speed and teamwork towhich Firefighter Bursor and Firefighter Windsor carried out theirpart in the rescue operation gave the victim a second chance atlife, said Jane Kelly, the chairperson of the BRCC’s Police &Fire Awards Committee.

Also honored were Sergeant Nancy Keane, a member of the 68thPrecinct whose duties include supervising the precinct’s DomesticViolence Unit, Highway Safety Unit and Training Unit, and AuxiliarySergeant Susan Michalski, whose commitment to community serviceover the years has included stints with the 68th Precinct CommunityCouncil as corresponding secretary and sergeant at arms, and withBRAVO Ambulance Service as a dispatcher.

Keane, said Deputy Inspector Eric Rodriguez, the precinct’scommanding officer, Is really the glue that keeps everythingtogether within the command.

The organization and its crowd of supporters made it clear thatthe honor was all theirs.

It’s a gift being able to award [members of] the PoliceDepartment, Fire Department and Auxiliary Police Department fortheir sacrifices and work in keeping this the safest community inthe city, said State Senator Marty Golden.

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