Eat, organize, love … your kitchen

September 20, 2010 Editorial Staff
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(ARA) – The days are getting shorter and seemingly busier withkids back in school, fall activities kicking off and – although itseems hard to believe – the holidays on the horizon. The long,carefree laissez-faire days of summer have turned a bit moreregimented with the change of seasons. Now is the time to getorganized and back into a routine that is tailored to yourlifestyle. Begin with an organized start to your day in the hub ofall home activity: the kitchen.

A kitchen fix-up – striking a balance

With kids constantly searching for snacks, adults on the go,lunches to pack and meals to prepare, a workable routine needs anefficient kitchen with great organization and a superiorutilization of space. If you’re going to spend significant amountsof time in the kitchen, then it’s got to be both functional andpleasing to the eye.

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With so much time spent in kitchens, there is a dichotomy thatpulls at people when thinking about a kitchen fix-up, says CathyHitz, brand manager for Diamond Cabinets. Is it style overfunction or function over style? The truth is you don’t have tofavor one over the other. Great kitchens can perform this balancingact when they are designed using innovative products andaccessories that give you both.

A kitchen fix-up does not have to be bothersome or too costly.The best place to start is probably with what you have the most of,use the most, and spend the most time looking at: yourcabinets.

Cabinetrymanufacturerscabinets for every roomin your home

A place for everything and everything in its place

In a cluttered kitchen, valuable time can be lost looking forcar keys, important mail or even measuring cups. When choosingproducts to fit your kitchen fix-up, it is as important tounderstand the utility and unique needs of the people who use thekitchen every day. Do you do a lot of cooking or baking? Or is yourkitchen the repository for all things? And not just typical kitchenitems, but things such as coats, backpacks, keys and phones?

Diamond’s Logix line has plenty of organization elements andflexibility. One time-saver is the drop-zone cabinet, whichfeatures a pullout charging station for small electronics that canclutter up a kitchen table. In addition, it has other essentialorganizational features for the family kitchen, such as key andcoat hooks, a white board for messages and a spot for backpacks,briefcases or purses.

As the season unfolds and you work your life into an organizedroutine, don’t let panic set in as you get back into the swing ofthings. With an eye on your lifestyle and a few smart kitchen cabinet fix-ups, yourkitchen will be ready.

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