The fact that many Brooklyn neighborhoods have received such an influx of wealthy people that they rival such well-heeled Manhattan neighborhoods as Chelsea, Midtown and Greenwich Village is  … Full Article

OPINION: Asthma is a serious problem, but what are the causes?

Brooklyn Boro
Asthma is costing New York's Medicaid system more than half a billion dollars a year, according to a report by the state Comptroller’s Office quoted in an Associated Press article posted on the Brooklyn Daily Eagle website. … Full Article

OPINION: Understand the Hasidim, even when you disagree with them

Brooklyn Boro
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle recently ran an article about a public park in the upstate Hasidic Jewish village of Kiryas Joel where women and girls were confined to a part o … Full Article

OPINION: It’s time for Congress to raise the minimum wage

New York City
It’s been more than four years since Congress last raised the federal minimum wage. Hard-working families are doing all they can to make ends meet during the worst economy of our lifetime – but through no fault of their own – feel like they are just slipping further behind.  … Full Article

OPINION: Assemblyman Colton: Reforms to Common Core will benefit our children and educators

New York City
Providing our children with a top-notch education is the most important step we can take in ensuring a promising, successful future for them. Unfortunately, the flawed implementation of Common Core is hurting efforts to educate our kids.
 … Full Article

OPINION: Former LICH ombudsman endorses Chinese Community Group’s proposal

At Tuesday evening's gathering at St. Francis College regarding the future of LICH, four bids contained proposals for full-service hospitals. … Full Article

OPINION: American women need to stop ‘Backsliding’

We have had several thought-provoking conversations recently about a new and surprising description of women’s status in America. … Full Article

OPINION: I was counted, many girls aren’t

I was incredibly fortunate to be born here in the United States. Growing up here has meant having the opportunity to pursue higher education as well as a chance to pursue my ambitions. … Full Article

OPINION: In healthcare, both prevention and cure are necessary

Cobble Hill
In a recent presentation on one of the plans to revamp Long Island College Hospital, a speaker, who shall be nameless for the time being, told audience members at a local community meeting that his group had no plans to offer a full-service hospital. … Full Article

OPINION: An open letter to the staff of Long Island College Hospital

Cobble Hill
Now that the bids are all in and we await the outcome, the Patients for LICH want to thank the staff of Long Island College Hospital (LICH).  … Full Article

Howe’s Brooklyn: LICH: A modest proposal, a practical solution

Here’s a riddle that has, for some of us,  a simple answer. A full-service hospital that loses money—and loses money big-time if run inefficiently—happens to sit on some prime real estate in Brooklyn.  What should be done?  … Full Article


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